How long is a counselling session?
A counselling session is usually 50 minutes in duration. The frequency, and overall length, of your treatment varies according to the nature of your problem and your induvidual needs.
Payment is usually made at the time of your session.

Is is covered by Medicare?
Medicare now provides a rebate for services provided by a Psychologist. To qualify for a Medicare funded service from a psychologist you must:
1. Visit you GP if you think you have a condition that requires treatment eg. depression, anxiety, sleep issues...
2. Obtain a referral from the GP to see a psychologist.
3. Contact the psychologist to make an appointment.
How about Private Health Insurance?
If you have private health insurance extras cover, that includes psychology, you may be eligible for a rebate. This can be done by presenting your receipt to your health fund.
Are my sessions confidential?
Information you share is kept strictly confidential - and will not be disclosed without your written consent. By law, however, confidentiality is not guaranteed in life threatening situations involving you or others. In this case a court may subpoena medical records.
How do I make an appointment?
To make an appointment you can either:

Note: You don't need a GP referal to make an appointment.